Monday, January 2, 2012

Ever Hear of Chider?

Nothing is better than something hot and tasty on a cold, windy day! I'm not the biggest coffee drinker but was looking for something hot while visiting a friend in Cincinnati. She brought me to Coffee Emporium. ( We went to the East Hyde Park location (one of five in the area). 

I knew the place was going to be good when the coffee shop was housed in a old lime green two story house with artistic landscaping and signage. The shop isn't very big. When you first enter the room is full of unique flavors of loose leaf tea leaves from floor to ceiling along one section of the wall. Along another wall are containers full of unique coffee bean flavors. Right above the fresh baked goods, was a dry erase board with the day's specials. Since I was overwhelmed with all the choices of hot drinks I looked at the board for some help!

The board listed a drink I had never heard of before: "Chider": a mix between Chai Tea and Apple Cider. I like both of those drinks so I thought "I'll give it a try." Am I glad I did, too!! It was super hot and oh so yummy.

After picking up our drinks we headed upstairs to a "study room" filled with tables and chairs. Although not very comfy you could tell alot of students come to study and it was pretty quiet while we were there. Local art filled the walls to give it a very warm feel.

Next time I'm in the Cincinnati area, I'm planning on going back either to that location or another one in the area to see what other new delicacies I can experience!

Do you know of any local Dayton coffee shops, I must try out?
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