Sunday, September 30, 2012

Scene 75

Recently, to celebrate one of my friend’s birthdays we went to Scene 75.   It was my first visit there and certainly won’t be my last.

Located right off Interstate 75, north of Dayton, the brand new facility will be great for the winter when outside activities are limited as well as providing a new location for celebrating birthday, team, and adult special occasions. Scene 75 entertainment includes laser tag, lazer frenzy , 4d movies, mini bowling, inflatable bouncing arena, go-carts, blacklight mini golf, spin bumper cars, chaos gamer room, arcade games, outdoor volleyball, and outdoor bocce courts. With a bar, sports bar, and snack stand on site, visitors have convenient access to refreshments .

Everything but the food and drink is paid for by a pre-paid rechargeable card, the size of a credit card. As visitors participate in different activities or play arcade games, all they have to do is swipe their card and “tickets” earned on the arcade games are stored on these cards until the customer wants to reimburse for prizes.

While we were there we played two games of laser tag, rode go-Karts, played some arcade games and ate at Radar’s sports bar. The Laser tag games were set up as team games with multiple floors and “bases”. The go-karts were fun although the track is flat and pretty simple. The arcade games included some of the classic arcade games, skee-ball and basketball but also some newer interactive ones as well. The service at Radar’s was reasonable although I wouldn’t go to Scene 75 just for the food. We were wanting to do the putt-putt golf but it was a 50 minute wait so we passed this time.
I was impressed with how clean the restrooms were considering it was a Saturday evening and how short the lines were when we first got there at 6:30. As the evening got later lines and wait times increased as did the crowds. One thing that got annoying after a while was how the attendants at the Laser Tag and Go-Karts yelled their scripted instructions and rules. It was so loud and so rushed that you couldn’t understand most of what they said and felt like you were being yelled at.
I would recommend visitors new to Scene 75 visit their website ahead of time and consider what activities they may want to do so they can plan on how much money they want to spend. (Cash or Credit Card) Then when they get to Scene 75 they should put that amount on the card and decide not to recharge during the night. Otherwise, you may end up spending a lot more money than you originally intended. Another thing that might be wise for a new Scene 75 visitor is to walk around Scene 75 when you first get there to know where things are and put your name on the list for any activities you want to do so you won’t have to wait.
I’m already planning on going back to Scene 75 in a month or two with a group and am excited to try some of the other activities.

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