Friday, January 27, 2012

"Cooking is like music"

If you don’t mind driving a few miles up the road from Dayton you must check out the Coldwater Café in Tipp City. 
Before visiting the restaurant several people told me I needed to try it.   I happened to be in the area one day checking out the many boutique and antique stores on the main street and got hungry around 2pm.  I wasn’t sure if they were still serving lunch but thankfully they were. 

We had to wait 10-15 minutes to get a table but I enjoyed looking around at the restaurant décor in the waiting area which included a beautiful fireplace.  Bordering the ceiling there was a sentence repeated over and over again: "Cooking is like music, when properly conducted a symphony results."  I felt like a symphony was definately resulting at this place!!

Once we were seated we pretty quickly were able to provide our drink orders and order our lunch.  The lunch menu included a variety of sandwiches, salads, and quiche.  I was actually kind of surprised at the variety and style of food offered on the menu for such a small town.  I chose the Smoked Turkey Panini (Grilled focaccia with parmesan cheese, tomatoes, caramelized onions and artichoke dip!) sandwich was DELICIOUS!   The sandwich was large and came out warm with chips and pickle on the side.

The wait staff came across very professional.  The table service was quick and our drink glasses stayed full.

I was pleasantly surprised by my lunch experience.  I definitely want to visit again!

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