Saturday, April 28, 2012

Bare Bulb Coffee

I was in Georgia for a wedding and catching up with friends a few weeks ago and spent a little time at Bare Bulb Coffee.  I loved the coffee shop’s high ceilings, large space, stage area and comfy seating.  In addition to their wide menu selection of teas, coffees, treats, and lunch they also have a large walk in closet area filled with board games and books.

Organized as a 501c(3), the coffee shop's revenues benefit local charities.  They seem to really want to create a space for community to happen and their coffee is sustainably grown and fair traded.   I loved the hot tea I ordered but LOVE even more their mission and purpose.

Although there were several other customers it didn’t seem loud or crowded and they stayed open until 11pm which I appreciated.  Next time I’m in town I definitely want to go back and wish I lived closer to so I could make it part of my regular hang out locations.
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