Saturday, April 28, 2012

Tom & Chee

This casual dining concept is based on the familiar tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwich comfort food. Except the soup and sandwiches Tom & Chee offers, definitely take it to the next level.

The first time I went there I ordered the pesto turkey grilled cheese sandwich which was delicious and very filling. The second time I ordered the flying pig and a dipper of creamy tomato soup which was also a great choice. They have three different portion sizes of soups. Both times I went the eatery offered a few different types of soup but three different versions of tomato soup, chunky, creamy, and classic.  My mom ordered a shroom and swiss sandwich that was delicious so that may be what I order next time. 

The restaurant is so fun and yummy it's even be featured on some food shows on the travel channel!  The restaurant has two other Cincinnati locations and one in Louisville, KY.  I like the location on the levy because of outside views of the river and it's not been too crowded when I've visited.  However because of the location you have to be intention about eating there.  I think it's a great eatery to broaden the restaurant choices there at the levy.
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